Sunday, March 14, 2010

i call you 'sun' because you shine like one...

The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them"... ~Benjamin Jowett

I have had the privilege to cross paths with some of the most brillant and influential individuals in the art, education, and business community in New York, the United States and in Europe. Most encounters have been merely passing conversations at events, openings, or galleries, while some have blossomed into mentorships and lasting friendships. However, on one's own personal road to becoming someone of a certain intellectual and social standing I have learned one thing: you must often defer to those who are in higher positions, and in many instances, you will not receive the same amount of accolades or acknowledgement during joint ventures/projects. It is to be expected. Every cause needs a leader, a figurehead, a spokesperson/persons that represent the group.

I view this situation in this regard. For the privilege to stand so close to the overwhelming glow of the sun, the stars exist largely hidden from view here on Earth for the greater part of the day. They are always there, they never quite "disappear" but rather their shine is washed out by the brillant presence of the sun. Not only must stars abdicate their own brillance in the presence of the sun, but often their own light is millions of (light) years in the making. What we actually witness on Earth is light that has been travelling thousand or even millions of years throughout the galaxy. Rays of light that began their journey long before humanity as we know it even existed on this Earth. Light that emminates from solar sources that may have been extinguished long ago but whose radiance is still travelling throughout the universe.

Too often I have witnessed collaborate efforts fail because people involved in the projects were more concerned with the "I" rather than the "we". Many people do not realize that involvement in any grassroots effort that is built up and executed successfully is a reflection of the collective brillance of the group AND of the individual. Too often, ego gets in the way and people will rather bring the whole project down, they become stars that implode into black holes that prevent the light of anyone involved with the venture from shining and destroying the entire endeavor in the process. I can only imagine how many brillant projects humanity never had the privilege of witnessing because of the self-destructive tendencies of man. If you have talent, drive, and work ethic your time will come, even if it is not at this moment, this generation or this lifetime. As an artist I am more concerned with creating objects d'art that are timeless and will remain relevant for future generations. Plenty of individuals have received postmortem accolades and that has not made their contributions to their craft and to the greater canon of the creativity of man. Don't allow your "star" to collapse within itself before it has the opportunity to shine its brillance upon the world. Genius is eternal and cannot be denied. 

¡Pa'lante Siempre!