Thursday, August 20, 2009

paris in august...

Paris so beautiful… so calm...August is the time to wander out of the way arrondissements and eat al fresco in the Bois de Boulogne.. the simple pique nique we all dream about.. baguette, saussicon, cheese and a bocal of vin rouge or freshly chilled Evian..the peaches are sublime this time of year, or a melon and jambon de Parme..or take in an outdoor guinguette, along the Marne River on the outskirts of the city...old time dancing with the locals or sunbathing along les plages of the Seine. I have spent times twice during the month of August in Paris and love it..

It is in fact true that Parisians flee the city in August to go on vacation and the city does seem somewhat dead during that month, but it is truly very pleasurable to have the city to oneself. Parisians are not “Lucky Devils” to get three weeks paid holiday. They are citizens in a country that values its citizens. As opposed to the situation in which we find our selves; consumers in a society that has nothing but contempt for its workforce. Americans could have the same situation for themselves if they truly desired it. If we respected ourselves and our fellow citizens more then we groveled at the feats of the capitalistic market. The bitter irony is that our wealthy only have to worry about the problems inherent in taking a vacation to a place where the working class will be on vacation.

The fact the French think enough of their workers to give them a month off should give Americans some food for thought. Here in the USA most workers are lucky if they have one week with pay off and often that is begrudged in this workaholic society of ours. Vive la France!!! I’ll take Paris anytime…even in the grey days of winter or the dog days of August when many of its citizens are on “holiday”. We should be so lucky!

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