Friday, November 27, 2009

Munachi (to love)...

Dedicated to a heart, which for better or worse has spent much time traveling the valleys and peaks of the Andes in search of it's missing piece, learning along the way the limits of language in expressing any type of emotion worth having...

To the hills I went looking for you
because it was there I saw you first
you were playing with the wind
perhaps waiting for me.

There I found you,
and in that same place I lost you,
jealousy kills,
now what will become of me?

To the hill I return,
intending to see you once more,
and if this time I find you,
I will never let you go...


And same poem in Quechua...

Ucsha urcuman mashcancapac rircani
chaipi canta ricsishcamanta
huairahuan pucllashpa carcanqui
ñucata shuyanacuimantachari

Chaipi tuparircani, cuitsacu,
chaipillatac chincachircani
imamantachari, huarmicu,
¿cunanca imashi tucusha?

Ucsha urcuman ticrani, huarmicu,
cutin tuparisha yuyashpa
canta chaipi tuparishpaca, huarmicu,
ña na canta saquishachu

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