Tuesday, January 13, 2009

your possible pasts...

Usually people involved with the arts gravitate to like-minded individuals, in their personal and intimate lives. The arts is a profession that end when our lives are no more. Their is no retirement age for artists such as poets, sculptors, or photographers. 

People stuck in the perpetual 9-to-5 grind are often unable to cope with the spontaneity of random gigs and jobs and projects, the amount of politicking and networking involved in following our passions and the abrupt cancellations of events with our families and loved ones. 

How to reconcile the solitude that creativity requires with the love that artists, indeed all humans, desire? Creativity becomes incidental at times in the life history of a given relationship. There exists the possibility for monumental disorder, power struggles, madness and suicide, emotional chaos, and intense and often deviant political and sexual lives- all giving the clear message that creative people inflict immense damage on those who dare to love them.

I have the found the best artist-artist relationships I have been in are ones where we are both "artists" but in different fields. For one, I don't gravitate towards fine artists but rather graphic artists, spoken word artists, and even photographers. When I was in a relationship with another painter I felt like I was constantly in competition or constantly being critiqued. However when i was in a relationship with an actor it was more supportive versus competitive. But then again, what do I know, the conditions in which love grows, is always subject to change.

"Il n'est rien de réel que le rêve et l'amour" (Nothing is real but dreams and love)

~Anna de Noailles


Aja Monet said...

true. very true, my beautiful and dear friend.


mafalda said...

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