Wednesday, October 15, 2008

above the clouds...

The US government throwing $250 bn at a consortium of banks and the fact that this has not "persuaded" these institutions to loosen up their credit lines reminds me of a woman who is wined and dined and never satisfied. Always asking for more and never quite satisfied with that they possess, this sort of individual will more often than not bite the hand that feeds it and offer their provider no respect. Nothing, no entity or individual, should be indispensable to humanity on either a national or an international scale. 

People should not be held hostage to some centralist entity nor should all hell break loose as if the globe is some giant honey comb and the queen bee has died. As the maxim goes, often attributed to Charles de Gaulle, "the graveyards are filled with indispensable men" ("Les cimetières sont remplis des hommes indispensable"). 

"In Bolivia we nationalized [gas] for the people to have money, while the United States nationalizes the crises of the wealthy"
~Evo Morales

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