Monday, October 27, 2008


Hit up the Metropolitan Museum to check out the Morandi exhibit very much limited himself to painting similar scenes over and over – still life paintings of bottles and boxes, the view from his window. However, the objects Morandi selected for his still life paintings transcend time – they have no labels, or any details to indicate the time of painting. Similarly, there is little in the paintings of the view from his window to reveal anything of the time at which the paintings were made. 

There are no figures, and buildings are almost exlusively represented by blocks of a single colour. While this is unquestionably an impressive collection of Giorgio Morandi's work, it is ultimately makes quite a dull exhibition, in my opinion. Unfortunately Morandi's lack of variation in subject matter render the exhibition depressingly monotonous...though my like our  actual existence. 

"A half dozen pictures would just about be enough for the life of an artist, for my life"

~Giorgio Morandi

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