Thursday, March 12, 2009

via veritas et vitas...

We all walk about, at one time or another, strutting down the street feeling ourselves a little bit. A blend of confidence, arrogance, and cockiness that defines our youth. None of us are on some perpetual Winnie the pooh/Eeyore/Oscar Wao depression thing at all times. We all go through our own little periods of vanity. I grew up as a child around older crowds. My mom was a bartender and would take me to work...3-4 in the morning on the weekends and although i was young i was old enough to see all these females walking around hustling guys for drinks. Racking up tabs that some men converted to ass at the end of the night.

Individuals overestimate how far a pretty face and smooth talk can take them and fail to realize how small their window of opportunity is to take advantage of their "gifts". The prime age for any individual is rather narrow and draw comparisons to a shooting star that you may see is the sky. The light from that star has been traveling for years, sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands of years is seen on Earth only for a split second- maybe second and a half and then it it continues along its path into the infinite darkness. Such is beauty, here now gone later, but for so many of us that is what we stake our claim in, individuals feel entitled to disrespect and take advantage of others. But best believe, there are others certainly prettier, younger, more attractive and at the end of the day it is character than matters. Character is the gold bullion standard of social relationships to vanity's status as paper money. And as with all paper currency, the greater that vanity is in abundance, the less inherent value it has. It would best if more of us would recognize before we go out trying to out-dance 21 years old in our "fuck-me" pumps @ the age of 35.

"The truest characters of ignorance are vanity, and pride and arrogance”

~Samuel Bulter

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