Saturday, March 21, 2009

what means the world to you...?

Forgiveness is The ultimate sacrifice,
Eloquence belongs, To the conqueror...”


Sacrifice is the unselfish giving of what one needs for one’s self to accomplish an end that is greater than one’s self. What I mean by sacrificing a desire for a necessity is to give something up that one might believe is a valuable necessity. Anything disadventagous and/or anything that may contribute in stifiling ones character. It takes self-discipline, great understanding of your worth, and responsibility to follow your own rules in order to stick with the sacrifice one has made.

I have always been the affectionate humanitarian; Always helping those I have cared for, even though at times it seemed they lacked concern for themselves, unappreciative of my concern, or weren’t assertive in achieving what they needed to achieve . Well quite recently, I have discovered the self discipline to start taking on another habit, instead of trying to save the lives of others who were self seeking, this time, I will take great care of myself.

Many of us feel the need for security in others, one main reason why we stay in disadvantageous relationships. We like to feel apart of, a closeness with someone we believe has our best interests at heart although, in the long run the truth always comes to light and we see that may not always be the case. Indefinitely, we should always intuitively feel situations out for ourselves and choose whether or not something, not just relationships, are in our best interests. Not everything is what it seems and what we desire, in turn, may be the thing that will set us back from what we need. And what we need, realistically, will always be the best thing we have ever hoped for. Don’t substitute, make your sacrifice!?!!

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