Tuesday, April 07, 2009

dōmo arigatō, mr. roboto, nice to see you again...

All packed and ready to go!

I lugged my bags down my little flight of stairs this morning like 8am, naturally am awake because sleep escaped me the night before. Otherwise this 13hr trip would have started without me, even with the help of alarm clocks.  Off to JFK with laptop, cell phone, Ipod, and books in tow for what is a vacation of sorts to a city i called home in the summer of 2004. 

...funny what races through your mind when your headed to visit a familiar place after a long period of time. I will always have a love-hate relationship with Tokyo, Japan. Grateful for getting me out of my comfort zone as a young kid attending
Temple University Japan, for the dear Japanese friends that I made, and exposing me to the diplomatic life that is enjoyed by the children of ambassadors, three of which were my fellow classmates. 

- and i don't care how rich or poor the country is: from Burkina Faso to Spain, all those kids are living it up with their weekly allowances...all at the expense of their home countries-

My displeasure of Tokyo is not so much towards the city itself but rather the strain it put on some of my dearest relationships at the time. The time difference created by those 6735 miles creates distance that is greater than just the physical.

In any case, it was not my first choice, to head back to Japan, not on such short notice and not with only three days to spare. But whatever, am headed there now. I half expect Tokyo to look like the Jetsons by now. The 3G network we just started to use in the US, they had that in 2004. Miniature Netbooks 2004 as well. If not am sure that the change in weather will soothe my soul but New York this spring has been anything but warm and my mood wears the scars of a prolonged winter.

Funny thing about planes though. There is no plan B, no fork in the road to choose, no red or blue pill, once you get on them that is it. You are headed to its final destination, no stepping off halfway, no turn back I forgot something allowed. So am here. JFK to Narita. 13hrs to go. Am afraid some of my unfavorable memories have checked themselves in at the gate and are accompanying on the ride as well. How do those damn things get visas and passports anyway?!?

so my plane is here and on time (even with the menacing look of the clouds) and it's sayonara...

for now!

“He who does not travel does not know the value of men” 

~Moorish proverb


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