Sunday, April 26, 2009


...and i hope we feel like this forever...forever, forever, ever, forever, everrrrrrrrr...

With apologies to Outkast and Ms. Jackson, love inspires such selfish thought of an eternity spent together entwined in one's arms, imagining an never-ending supply of kisses and love-making in a world made for two. Un-human are those who have never wanted to possess the power of the gods to halt time during these moments at least once in their lives.

However where do all these promises go after love has passed? What to make of the betrayal that often come from those who promised to never act in such a manner? There is nothing that requires more careful inspection. A wise jamaican woman once told me that promises are the comfort of fools but if we are not to believe those in which we give our entire body, mind and soul than what to make about all this poetry about: the union of two souls in one body, burbujas de amor, and all that. Funny how the same song can accumulate different meaning overnight.

Somewhere out there, in a liminal state between the sky and the earth, the heavens and the hells, there's an infinite graveyard of unfulfilled desires. restless ghosts of unrequited love and scorned lovers clanking their chains and heavy hearts against the inscribed gravestones of their departed love. The type of inscriptions that are crudely carved into high school desks (brittany ❤ brian, etc.). Declarations that are virtually outdated by the time the ink has dried.

...if what they say is nothing is forever, what makes love the exception? ...

Despite some setbacks it has not been all for naught, for the experiences of life are the greatest teacher of all. Foremost, i have learned that it is better to be cheated by the price than by the merchandise...haha! Relationships have real emotional as well as economic costs and quality often has a high prices in both regards, especially with women in the United States. There is a difference between understanding things and knowing people, and it is a great art to penetrate temperaments and distinguish the peculiarities of others. Distance purifies certain defects that are unbearable at close range. In love, every detail of our lover becomes mystified with tenderness and adoration.

However, one can:

Obviously superficial
Label upon someone and
Associate it with love

but it

Just isn't
Enough to
Supplant the unconditional adoration one shares
Common with one


My dear friend, the immensely talented poet, Aja-Monet said to me once, "I want some slaveship type love". The kind of love that survives against all hardships and all odds and fights for the sake of its own survival. I can dig that. Such love is a rarity nowadays; scarce in friendships and acquaintances and damn near extinct in relationships. Many have come to expect nearly anything nowadays for love, and most people will sellout their hearts for nearly nothing.

I can only hope that at the end, after the one (maybeee two) real loves I have had in life, and various other forms of attachments, encounters and relationships I have experienced and cherished. After all the Girls I have Loved Before (haha! Julio Iglesias), my heart can only hope to experience the sensations described by the words of the great Kahlil Gibran: in his poem "Of Love":

To know the pain of too much tenderness.
To be wounded by your own understanding of love;
And to bleed willingly and joyfully.

Good luck out their fellow bloggers and virtual acquaintances, the journey is difficult but nothing is more fundamental to our existence nor directs our course through life as truly as this little thing called love.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other"

~Carl Jung

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