Friday, April 03, 2009

world pillow fight day...


On Saturday April 4th 2009 @3pm local time, there will be massive pillow fights in cities around the world!!! The concept is simple, just show up with your pillow and start swinging. Just remember to wash your pillowcase before heading into battle—otherwise the potential for gross out is pretty high. New York City's will be held on Wall Street and Broad St. at 3pm and people are supposed to dressed up as executive types (i.e. investment bankers à la AIG employees). 

So, once again, this April 4th people from all over the globe will convene in town squares to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day. From
Sydney to Stockholm to Japan everyone will get a chance to relieve their stress and anxiety by attacking friends and complete strangers. Go out participate, have fun and escape from reality! So far the official New York City World Pillow Fight Facebook Event Page has over 11,000 'confirmed' participants for the event. That's alot of potential victims...and potential beat-down. 

Bring your skills...and the hardest 99ct. store pigeon-feather stuffed down pillows you own!?!!

some other locations:
  • amsterdam
  • atlanta
  • são paolo
  • caracas
  • lisboa
  • reykjavik
  • warsaw
  • quito
  • stuttgart
  • moscow
  • paris
  • cape town
  • sydney
  • washington dc
more cities located on the World Pillow Day Website

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